Charging Solutions for Refrigeration trailers & e-trucks

installation & project development

NomadPower offers complete installation and payment services of electrical charging infrastructure.  All our power sockets are activated via app or website and users only pay for actual kWh usage. 

At the end of each month, NomadPower takes care of billing and payment collection. You can access your own operator account via our web portal and check the real-time energy consumption at the parking facilities.

Save Money

Cooling using electric power is 30% cheaper
than using the diesel generator


Reduce carbon footprint and save 10 tonnes
of CO2 emissions per trailer per year

Reduce Noice

No running diesel generators mean
big reduction in noise disturbance

Easy to Switch

No modification of the trailer needed,
simply plug in and enjoy the benefits


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Step 1: Search

Search the type of charging infrastructure you need for your facility.

Step 2: Install

Contact us for the installation process and we will guide you on how to manage your system.

Step 3: Connect

Connect your operating dashboard to the product and supervise the charging activities.

Electric cooling of refrigeration trailers offers a cheap, clean and quiet alternative to noisy and polluting diesel generator. No modifications needed on cool unit and easy to install charging points.