Future of E-Trucks

E-Trucks are here to support the mission of decarbonizing the transportation industry.

For the most part, they work similarly to a conventional diesel truck; the only difference is their PEM electro engine that is powered by energy from the battery. E-Trucks are also designed to reduce noise and pollution, and thanks to their high efficiency, they cost less than the traditional models. 

According to ACEA, it is expected that approximately 40.000 electric medium/high-duty vehicles will be operating in Europe by 2025, and this number will reach 270.000 in 2030.

In order to keep up with this pace, 10.000-15.000 charging points should be constructed by 2025, and 40.000-50.000 charging points by 2030. 

What does nomadPower do?

NomadPower offers a sustainable, cheap, quiet, and clean solution for the installation and management of electric charging infrastructure in parking areas.

All our power sockets are activated via app or website and users only pay for actual kWh usage. At the end of each month, NomadPower takes care of billing and payment collection.

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